Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well we might as well begin here.
Wiz has had many cuts over the years. 
Some bad, some terrible and then there was the mullet.
Rug, Jay, and JT will remember this, 
we were round JT's place in Brixton and who rocks up
 sporting a new cut? Yep Mullet boy. 
We said to him you can't go out like that. 
We don't care how "In" it is and which kids in Woking are 
wearing it out, you aren't coming out with us like that. 

So we cut it off. Well JT did with a pair of nail scissors 
(blunt ones) it was a 'Marked' improvement.

But it hasn't got better since. Since then he grew it. 
And boy did it grow. 
It grew so much that it fooled an old man in a 
Dulwich Pub.
 "I'm a geezer" Wiz replied to an the man's comment 
of : "Are they looking after you my dear?" 

And then there was the time in Inferno's in 
Clapham, where some bloke got more than he 
bargained  for when he admired Wiz from behind.
 - Only to be greeted by that chin and nose when 
Wiz turned round. 

We still think the bloke would have carried on, 
because Wiz still looked better than most of 
the women in there.


Or nooooo?

And there there's "Buried Treasure" - 
JT claims the reason for the length 
of Wiz's hair is to cover his ding hairline.

So does he need a syrup? 
Or is the who thing a wig?
What Wiz looks like without the wig. 


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