Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This has been hard. As all stories have mainly been from our outings together, however, I do have one from many moons ago.
This was one year, I can’t remember which but defo early 90’s when Wiz, JohnT and I embarked on a summer holiday to Zante.
We had a ritual that every night we’d play the penalty shootout game that was popular on the Island.  Basically, score three out of three pens and win a bottle of bubbly (albeit the cheap nasty stuff, but pride came before all else).  Well, after a few drinks of the alcoholic kind, we ventured to the usual spot to participate in the daily ritual (no fun when sober) where the scorer of the least penalties amongst us had to down a drink of the winners choice.  On this journey one particular night, whilst intricately discussing tactics on how to score 3 pens a moment that would have been fitting for an episode of Only Fools & Horses occurred.  Engrossed in deep, combative conversation about what was about to happen, it was a case on one minute we were talking to Wiz the next he was gone.  As we turned around to suss out how he had magically disappeared, we discovered that Wiz totally ignored the big manhole that had been dug up at the side of the road and could just see some legs hanging in the air donning Wiz’s footwear.  Although in hysterics, we helped Wiz up and he duly dusted himself down and continued toward the challenge that laid ahead.  
The evening got worse for Wiz as he went on to lose the personal challenge (well Wiz & I both shared defeat but that doesn’t count as it’s Wiz’s wedding) and had to proceed in downing a drink chosen by the evenings winner, JohnT.  Wiz’s kryptonite had been found in the form of Red Eye which basically consisted of a pint of Bloody Mary (plus a few extras) finished off with a raw egg cracked into the glass (nice one Johnny).  The drink wasn’t completed in one swoop which made it harder to stomach with the raw egg slowly making its way towards Wiz’s mouth and gullet.  Well Wiz did eventually finish the drink whilst threatening to gag at regular intervals.  The chunder mouse would go on to make an appearance later that night.  To sober himself up, naturally still p’d as fart, whilst walking along the beach front to get back to our swanky 2 star accommodation Wiz decided to embark on a mini marathon legging it along the beach in pitch darkness.  Feeling very hammered ourselves, we had absolutely no chance of a. Keeping up with him, b. Trying to find him.  We just hoped that he knew where he was going and were optimistic he’d be crashed out when we eventually got in.  Well it’s safe to say at this point, Wiz in all his wisdom (excuse the pun) had no idea where he was heading during his beach marathon that resulted with him having to crash on a sun lounger.  Much to his annoyance, Wiz recounted that during his Olympic challenge, he had thrown off his most prized Ralph Lauren shirt only to never be found again.    What a warrior, what a night!!!
At this point, if all the boys are willing, we could chip in and buy him a Ralph Lauren shirt to replace the one lost all those years ago???


Although I struggle to recall most of our Wimbledon trips, I do recall one where we went on the fastest serve game and Wiz (bearing in mind his profession) recorded the slowest out of all of us.  Just to spice it up, didn’t a little girl go straight after Wiz and put him shame?  I don’t actually remember that bit and it may be fictional but worth adding in all the same!!


Monday, July 27, 2009


Wizz observations:

He always has a story to tell.

He can't stand still when he's telling it.

His drain pipe jeans and pumps were made for him.

I've never seen him play tennis?

(Crazy but true! hope to remedy that before end of British summer!!)

Two of the funniest moments for me: 

#2 Wizz fully pinked up walking through Asdas in Brighton.

#1 Wizz as Robin Rug as batman doing step in time then chasing Jamo cloaks flowing down the street im Amsterdam!!





Wizzie and I decided to have a Christmas party in Dubai where everyone in the apartment decided to congregate in the smallest kitchen in the UAE.  We had filled the fridge freezer full of Amstel beer from top to bottom, not even room for lettuce in the salad compartment. We had a wicked party with loads of drinking games (we even left our party to go to a club for an hour and came back to the full flow party! We carried on drinking till 5am and slumped to our beds! I was then woken at midday to a frantic wizzie shouting" someoned nicked our kitchen ceiling!" I got up to find wizzie staring up to about 3 metres of pipe network above him. Where all the suspended ceiling tiles bar one above the cooker had disappeared. Wizzie was cacking in himself as to how we explain this to the finance dept who paid our rent! He checked everywhere (I did help!) He even went 3 floors downstairs to make sure they hadn't been thrown out of the window. He came back up only to find me rolling round the kitchen laughing! Our so-called mates had stacked all the separate tiles on top of the one above the cooker! What a party, what a hangover!



Just to let you know these are the final 18.

And who has been put down to share with who:

1.    Mark Wisdom

2.    Ben Akers


3.    Robert Wisdom

4.    Michael Brown


5.    Jon Dewart

6.    David Goss


7.    Tristan Head

8.    Edd Smith


9.    Jamie Dike

10. Paul Lewis


11. John Tsavalos

12. Simon Rice 


13. Jonny Thompson

14. Jamie Donaghy 


15. Ali Whittle

16. Matt Trevail

17. Andrew Baker

18. John Dove

Hope that's ok with everyone.



Now we all know young Mr Wisdom like a jigg. He's terrible at it but he like to snake those hips.
So how about this from Dave Goss.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Jay brings back his youth.

Monday, July 6, 2009


When we were younger - 15 or so years ago, 
we use to go to the South Coast, to a lovely 
little place called Selsey. 
There are a few stories from those days. 
But this was taken only days ago as young 
Wisdom took a walk down memory lane.
Heart attack on a plate.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink 2006

Mr Wisdom did go through a short stage of "confusion" He made the mistake of saying to his personal dresser ... "I want to be noticed by women!!" oooooopsssss!!

Seems a long time ago now 2006

That was then .........dancing to a new tune now but.... ho ho there should be some good pics from this trip!!

The Incredible ????? 2005

The Incredible _________?? please send in your suggestions!!


not suRe if this was Y.M.C.A. Mexican Wave or the sequence from Teen Wolf but seems Wizz & Rug took advantage of B.O.G.O.F.F (Buy One get One From a friend!!)

Brace yo'self!!!!

Wizz does dancing!!
Think this was wizz showing us all his "Pulling dance!!"
Not this step as ever been seen again???

Wizz birthday @Infernos 2005

One of the earliest pics I have of Wizz though one of my earliest memories was his ablack leather ensemble @ heber Flat warming
This pic was the second part of the Wizz birthday drink that had commenced earlier @The Vibe bar Brick lane and was my one and only trip to the Musical mecca that is/was "Infernos!" note in those days I needed a passport to go south of the river but Wizz is the type of mate you'd go virtually anywhere with to celebrate ...more pics to follow