Monday, July 27, 2009


Wizzie and I decided to have a Christmas party in Dubai where everyone in the apartment decided to congregate in the smallest kitchen in the UAE.  We had filled the fridge freezer full of Amstel beer from top to bottom, not even room for lettuce in the salad compartment. We had a wicked party with loads of drinking games (we even left our party to go to a club for an hour and came back to the full flow party! We carried on drinking till 5am and slumped to our beds! I was then woken at midday to a frantic wizzie shouting" someoned nicked our kitchen ceiling!" I got up to find wizzie staring up to about 3 metres of pipe network above him. Where all the suspended ceiling tiles bar one above the cooker had disappeared. Wizzie was cacking in himself as to how we explain this to the finance dept who paid our rent! He checked everywhere (I did help!) He even went 3 floors downstairs to make sure they hadn't been thrown out of the window. He came back up only to find me rolling round the kitchen laughing! Our so-called mates had stacked all the separate tiles on top of the one above the cooker! What a party, what a hangover!


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