Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the first summer in (I can't remember) 
years that we haven't got dressed up an abused 
the press and cameras at Wimbledon. 
And as I sit here on the other side of the world 
watching the goings on at All English Tennis Club.
With the newest Russian Beauty, and all the Englishmen 
become members of Great Britain -  renaming Henman Hill 
to Murray Mound. 
It got me thinking about the best Wimbledon of all.

The Ex Champions.
Now apparently Wiz plays tennis. 
I've never seen it myself, but I know he does 
look like a certain Swedish tennis player of 
the late 70's/80's.
If Wiz could grow a beard he'd be a dead ringer. 
(Luckily he can't)

42 mph.
Ahh that's love. Closed eyes and everything.

What the press said.


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