Monday, June 15, 2009


This (below) is why Mr Wisdom Snr. Is a complete legend. The ultimate legend. The man we all wish we could be.

There is gold in this here email. Gold.

“Benjaminger, have just spoken to Reg who thanks us for asking but he is going to have to decline, leave it to the younger ones he said???? There are a couple coming from a long way off so we are going to have to get a meeting point. If we go to (the seaside) perhaps they can meet us there only I cant remember where they are coming from and where are we going to or end up. Also I think about Brian, If we are away overnight will he be alright we don’t want to upset the ladies Fiona and mum? So first things first where to go. Brighton sounds good full of poofs though but hey don’t knock what you have not tried. (Said in a deep voice.) Once we have decided on where to go I will make a start on finding B&B`s also e-mail the tourist board to find out what’s on and where to go. If we are going to keep it within a budget we are going to have to be careful. The indoor golf is going to be about £30 odd squiderly did, so on my reckoning it is either indoor golf and a drink in a pub or going to the seaside beside the sea, Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!!! Now for the important question, what do you think ????????”

I still haven't heard back from half the people - which is putting a strain on the organising of the event. At it's basics it could be Urban Golf and a party bus in London. But as you can read 'The Legend' and I want to push it a little further (while keep the costs down) - and I  still haven't taken full advantage of my new  Rev. Status from the Universal Life Church.  Now I've got all my documents - I've got to marry something to Wiz.


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